M is for Mom

by graypoet

I originally posted this last year for a Free Write Friday post:

With that special day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share it again and express my thanks to all the mothers our there. I miss my own mother and the mother of my children, so I hope that all appreciate the mothers they still have…

How much time have you spent in life
Wondering what your future would be
Any time at all is more than you’d have
If your Mom hadn’t desired your face to see.

Mother, Mom or even Mama to start
We are safe in the crook of her arm
A grizzly bear has nothing on this one
If someone tries the little one to harm.

For most those arms guide us straight
Giving all the care we need until grown
Then we pay back all those years she gave
Remembering as we raise families of our own.

Life isn’t always as kind as we’d like
Some are taken too soon, young or old
So cherish all those moments, let it be known
Honor her for her love; her take time now to hold.

While it should never come down to one day a year
Take this special day to make sure all can see
That your Mother is worth all the time that she spent
And that without her, standing here, you would not be.


4 Comments to “M is for Mom”

  1. I did enjoy the poem and that’s to you for following my blog.

  2. So very lovely (as a mom, a daughter and a much-loved daughter-in-law)

  3. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:
    I like the part about the grizzly bear!

  4. Nice one. I too like the comparison to mama grizzly.

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