Don’t Tell Her

by Heather's Starting End


Don’t tell her your troubles
For she will listen
Don’t tell her how life
Has been unfair
Don’t tell her it’s hard to get through a day
Don’t tell her because
She is already there

Don’t abuse her compassion
To lend you an ear
Abuse her good will
Year after year
A friend to you
But you not to she
Did you forget her life?
Is yours all you see?

She has no riches, takes pride in her poor
While you, my Friend
Are just seeking more
More objects of beauty, she’ll never see
More time for fine moments
For her’ll never be

Her richness is growth from a battered soul
Her fortune is one of hard life
Pulling her family through each day
Head tired with pride
On the pillow at night

The troubles that you
Think you know
Are truly not troubles at all
The test of life could prove this now
If you ever should fall

Down to where she lives each day
Humble and begging for naught
For perfect life out of reach
The perfect life you’ve got

So don’t tell her your troubles for she will listen
Don’t tell her how life is unfair
She’ll comply with kindness
Love in her heart
While her world that she lives
Survives on despair



12 Comments to “Don’t Tell Her”

  1. I applaud you cos its not easy to really sit down to write. Kudos

  2. Reblogged this on stgreenie and commented:
    Words to live by

  3. “If I enjoyed the poem….” Hmmm. . .I think not “enjoyed”. (The subject matter was rather painful to me. Loved the poem? Oh, YES!

  4. Heather, I like your poem very much . . . I would like it even better if you ran a ‘grammar’ check on it and changed the ‘she’ to ‘her’ in the second stanza, and ‘not’ for ‘naught’ in the sixth, and for ‘While her world that she lives / Survives on despair’ to ‘While her world where she lives / Survives on despair’ in the final one . . . I hope I have not offended you by offering these editing suggestions and hesitate in sending them but I sense that you, like me, are a perfectionist at heart . . . I think you’ve written a very fine poem here . . . Blessings and Peace . . .

    • Yes, Peter, I spoke “naught” in my head but typed “not” and didn’t even catch it on the proof read, Thank you for catching that for me!!!! I deviated and went with “she” for rythmic reasons. Offended, never, grateful always. “Helfer” as you may already know means “helper” in German, so you have lived up to and represented your name perfectly. Blessings returned. Never hesitate 🙂 I thank you!!!

    • You’re a sweet and gentle lady, Heather! And one hell of a good poet [using the term strictly for the ring of the idiom!] I like reading your heart in your words. Nobody can teach that!!! Blessings . . .

      • Peter, I read this now just after a moment of personal (non writing) sadness and feeling of failure took me over. I thank you as I sit here with tears in my eyes. Thank you, Peter. You’ve blessed ME today.

  5. I loved every line – they flow effortlessly

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