An Answer For Everything – a shopaholic’s rationale

by Joel Kravitz

Shopping is both an art and a science. It is also a source of great joy and fun. Though it is not a gender specific activity, women seem to dominate it in both arenas. For them it sometimes can be a form of therapy though when done in excess it can cause a husband to seek therapy and/or require that his wife does.

I remember an episode of the Burns and Allen Show where Gracie was telling Blanche the secret to her being able to go shopping and get to keep everything that she bought. Gracie told Blanche that when she goes shopping, she buys two of everything. Then when George would come home and see all the packages, he would tell her to take half of it back. Like I said, an art and a science and Gracie was brilliant in both areas.

And all that led to this –

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