When Eyes Turn Ice

by Venkat


In your eyes of splendour
Of stillness in dark thunder
Held in captivated wonder
My senses split asunder

In your vision turned deep
I shudder, dare not to peep
My words, to myself I keep
In your trance, I am a creep

In your eyes, I see a story
Of long voyage and glory
Frozen, in titanic mystery
By a thin time’s boundary

Is it a heaven you see?
Or by a time warped to be?
Are you lost in a memory?
Or numbed by a life, gory?

In my curiosity, being tall
Into non-existence I befall
Between us, you raise a wall
And bring my world to crawl

Where you are, I may not know
Buried I am into inches of snow
As flakes of thought begin to grow
Do life’s frozen moments ever flow?


5 Comments to “When Eyes Turn Ice”

  1. Powerful 🙂 Thank you for Sharing your Wealth of Inspiration 🙂 Such a Blessing!

  2. Stunning imagery. Very moving.

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