Selfishly Yearned

by Heather's Starting End



Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned

Moving on and forgetting
Just where I’ve been
For what you had taught
My lesson to learn
Were not held sacred
As I selfishly yearned

For more time when the time I’ve had was a gift
More freedom to move along as I’d sift
Through pleasure and wants
Desire and lust
Forgetting that life, is kinder when just

We steadfastly cherish our moments in time
Days mastered are those when we are kind
To our neighbors, our friends, loved ones and foes
Forsaking greed that stumps spiritual growth

Be it The Messiah, Buddha, Allah, Christ, Zen

Remind us our troubles only start then
When we neglect to choose others before choosing I
Or your teachings we’ve failed
Wasted time has gone by

Yet greeting the souls each day of another
Be it my Child, the Stranger, best Friend or Lover
Is why we are here
Isn’t that so?
A journey for all in which our hearts grow


8 Comments to “Selfishly Yearned”

  1. So Touching! Lovely, as always Swiss Ami 🙂

  2. Heather.. this is touching.. brilliant.. beautiful.

  3. Thank you, Easter. And my Gosh, thank you for the reblog! Wow!

  4. So smoothe! I really liked that you would/could bring other faiths into this. (That’s not to say which one I am for mine is “the Great Spirit” of the Americas.) Bonus points for starting talking about and naming sin.

    • Well, Thank you, Gary!!! I tend to pull mankind together universally, and I suppose that was the natural result. Thank you for opening my eyes to the view..I thoroughly enjoyed your comment 🙂

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