I Can Feel You

by Emily Page

Here, in my heart, I can feel you.
Every time your eyes sought out mine.
Every word you have spoken.
Every touch. Every smile. Just for me.

Closing my eyes, I can see you.
Your smile, open arms. Sanctuary.
The look in your eyes when they see me.
Shows me all I ever needed to know.

But here, in my ears, I still hear you.
The words of love you once spoke.
The sound of you saying goodbye.
The sound of me asking you why…?

© Emily Page


2 Comments to “I Can Feel You”

  1. What a lovely poem.. so sad for you.

  2. Thanks Ellen. Writing it down helps it go away like magic 😉 I can read this now and feel almost nothing, whereas when I first wrote it, my heart would break reading it.

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