Gift or Curse

by graypoet


Close your eyes and listen to the wind
Can you sense leaves doing their dance
Without your sight how do you see them
Do we have senses just by mere chance.

How do you explain feeling someone else
When no physical connection is between
Yet you know their stress or even joy
As if their face and mood were seen.

Each of us lives with different senses
If one is diminished we adapt to cope
Yet I am thinking of something greater
Unsure if a curse or a reason to hope.

To feel as if you are in another’s head
Sharing feelings, emotions and thought
No explanation for how this could be
Unable to disconnect, wanted or not.

It changes the way you look at things
The whole picture you can’t fully see
Your senses try to fill in the blanks
Asking “Is something wrong with me”.

A connection like this I’ve fought
To feel this whether soft or strong
Never knowing why it comes or it goes
How to say if it’s right or it’s wrong.

I know I’ve scared off a friend or two
Because I felt things not normally seen
I still try to mask the feelings I have
Feeling coming hurt I try to intervene.

If you’ve read this far you still wonder
Can such feelings really exist this way
If you haven’t experienced this connection
You probably won’t understand what I say.


7 Comments to “Gift or Curse”

  1. Graypoet: I know the field you’re wandering around in all to well . . . It is the paralysis we feel when standing on the threshold of another’s boundaries . . . I never quite know what to do at that moment . . . In poetry we work our way through mysteries, don’t we . . .

  2. There is so much depth in this poem.. I’m not sure I have been in another’s head, but far too often, have lived inside their heart; seeing. It is not easy to live there as it is so hard to say what you think, feel, think is best for them. And so we write.. finding a beautiful outlet for the words we can’t speak.

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