by Morgan


Within this Rift of Loss
Where Grief and Shadow Dwell to Slay,
Pulling Light from Deep Inside,
Shifting All colour to Muted Gray.


Into the chasm of doubt,
Beyond all security or intention,
Whispers mocking amidst the rivers
Of my broken and lost attention.


Falling, crashing, tumbling,
Endlessly spiraling in empty black,
Echo of Unspoken Promises
Linger and hauntingly call me back.


Into the thoughtless unknown,
Brave pool of lost inhibition,
Seeking Light,
Subtle, yet Bright,
To Collapse into Transition.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jessica Allain

7 Comments to “Collapse”

  1. Sometimes you have to fall down in order to get back up, morgan morgan . . . I know the feeling well! Good thoughts . . .

  2. Wow.. this is truly exceptional Morgan. A lovely poem of the chance for rebirth.

  3. I really like this poem, especially the last verse.

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