As a Feather

by Venkat

As we move in space
Away from our ground
A lesson of life in grace
In speed can be found

As a rocket making proud
In a burst of energy, rapid
By a presence grand, loud
Yet when out of fuel, insipid

In a rocket’s speed, high flavor
Beyond clouds, in a quick show
A journey too short to savor
To relish nature’s beauty below

In our urge to reject or accept
Our lives determined by speed
Guided by a little known precept
By a grace flowing in mind’s need

Grace, a gentle life’s tender flow
As a feather levitates into freedom
Leaving trails of happiness, slow
As unseen corners of nature come

As feathers, we need distance
From the high walls of rejection
And low pits of hasty acceptance
To move by life’s breezy motion

In this humble lesson of grace
In knowing between right and wrong
In quiet existence or fight by race
Our distance in time, becomes a song

6 Comments to “As a Feather”

  1. Nice to see you around. I was thinking this was a new blog of yours but I see the archives go back a couple years. Always nice to read your poetry

  2. Ok, now I understand where I am! I followed a link and thought I was somewhere else but as always, cool stuff is happening here!

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