To Be or Not to See

by Venkat

On questions of life woolly, my dear
Dead we be, by our lives unquestioned

On learning to live better, my dear
Ignorant we be, by our learning unlived

On search for love unfelt, my dear
Alone we be, by our love unsearched

On finding flaws to pick, my dear
Weak we be, by our flaws unaccepted

On struggles to freedom unfettered, my dear
Imprisoned we be, by a freedom unstruggled

On hearing words to understand, my dear
In conflict we be, by our words unheard

On travel to success for ambition, my dear
Failures we be, by a success untraveled

2 Comments to “To Be or Not to See”

  1. Perhaps you could explain ‘life woolly’ which I may simply not understand because it is an idiom . . . Or perhaps you meant wholly . . . I’m always learning . . .

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