You Should Know

by graypoet

If you want to see your worst critic
Just take a look in the mirror to see
We know our faults that may not show
We imagine a better person we might be.

One thing we might not really believe
Is our own heart, the one others feel
So I wanted to take this moment to say
What I tell you is the truth, so real.

You have a heart that gives of so much
Caring for others, with nothing to gain
Even when your own strength might fade
Of them, you ask for nothing in return.

I could say you have a heart made of gold
But though precious, it is also very hard
So I’ll say you have a heart of chocolate
Sweet, soft and wanted, such is our regard.

For now I cherish your loving, caring heart
Mine is just one voice among those that see
While you might look in the mirror and frown
It is a very special that is shown to me.


4 Comments to “You Should Know”

  1. I could say you have a heart made of gold
    But though precious, it is also very hard…What a wonderful line and poem 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. Always nice to know the words were felt.

  3. How lovely to compare one who sees nothing good in themselves to being chocolate.. sweet, soft and wanted.

  4. I know, funny how the mind works at times. I always hear of someone having a heart of gold, always made me think of precious, but so hard… I guess chocolate just made a better impression on my. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate feedback to know if I’m writing or rambling…

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