O Dear Beloved

by Venkat

O dear beloved
As we measure
The ‘right’ among us
To argue as much

Know that we burn
Inevitably in wrongness
You correct me
And I correct you

O dear beloved
As we attempt
At being perfect
To satisfy much

Know that we fall
Always in imperfection
You accept my fault
And I accept yours

O dear beloved
As we expect
An understanding
To concur much

Know that we fail
Naturally in misunderstanding
You let me be
And I let you be

O dear beloved
As we seek
A peace around
To succeed much

Know that we are hurt
Obvious, in a cruel world
You support me
And I support you

Know that we do not live
To be inward, shaping only self
You shape me
And I shape you


5 Comments to “O Dear Beloved”

  1. Venkat, you are a master of exploring polarities . . . I like it . . .

  2. How very well said.. A poem of perfect balance.

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