The Bully


There is no need

For your snide remarks

And shaming retorts

I already feel

Like a pathetic loser

There is hardly any


Left in me

To disagree or fight you

I rather agree with you.

No matter how good I feel

You will rip me down

Until I am no more

Than dirt under

The soles of your feet.

My soul

You have maimed

And drained

Of its vibrant colours,

Passions and life.

My  heart

You have burnt

A thousand times over

The bonfires

Of broken dreams and hopes.

My mind

You have gutted

And twisted,

Your truth bears

More weight than mine.

My name

You have ridiculed

And replaced

With your hateful

Slurs and tags.

Some day karma

Will come for you

I shall not soil my hands or mind

And sink to your level

Your day will come, as mine will.

A negative attitude and mind

Will not a positive life make.

Peace 🙂

2 Comments to “The Bully”

  1. You’ve conveyed the pain of being bullied so well in this piece. Let’s hope Karma soon does her work!

    • Hi Karin, Karma is real. I was once The Bully – may be not in such a severe way but nonetheless, a bully. Sometimes we think it is funny to call people names and we like to say it is a joke. However, it is far from funny or a joke to the recipient. I have had my share of pay back. Deservedly so. Thanks for your comments.

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