Is That Love?

by thom amundsen


When in that first cry

your eyes look at me

soft your gentle gasps

you are welcomed with open arms

When as I walk past you

your expression in light

search sweet his response

your fingertips curl hair with distance

When while rains fall

your hands gentle

seek shelter in his grasp

your arms intertwined stroll wet

When while she waits

you might imagine love

share spectacular smile

your willing delight as you hold her close

When by his side

your tear soaked soul

show reason to believe

you will miss him despite failings

When while lives wander

we belong together today

swoon our heart’s when we search

we have our true love known we live forever

© Thom Amundsen 2014

4 Comments to “Is That Love?”

  1. Lovely poem.

    Please don’t forget to add the two tags poem, poetry.

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