Crimson in a Yellow World

by russtowne


The garden in front of our home
Is graced by many rose bushes.
My Beloved
Planted them
Many years ago.
I now nurture them.
Gorgeous yellow blossoms
Explode from a whole row of them
Vibrantly glowing in the warm sunlight,
Petals quivering with delight
From caresses of a gentle breeze.

Oddly, in the middle of one of them
A branch of deep crimson blooms.
The sight is visually jarring
Yet beautiful.
Of all the rose bushes,
My eyes are most drawn to it.
I often feel
Like one
Of the crimson blooms
Among all of the radiant yellow ones.
Not better,
Nor worse,
Not more beautiful
Nor less,
Just different,
Yet the same.

With Love,

4 Comments to “Crimson in a Yellow World”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to send your kind comment, Easter Ellen.

  2. Russ, thank you for sharing your garden with me! I too love to see beautiful things grow and find that time with plants is sacred, like being in God’s great sanctuary! We are surrounded by the past and by the future and touched by Grace!

  3. Your comments brought an appreciative smile to my face, Peter. Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts with me.

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