As We Twine

by Venkat

As eyes soar high into a sky
In attempts to leave earth
As much as frogs aim to fly
A mistaken belief from birth

In our heavenly thought
Of misty mountains in heart
In humble roots we get caught
Crave to be free, tearing apart

Our lives, as creepers grow
Twining onto each other
Together strong as winds blow
Left solitary, we wither

A truth unknown to taste
Until estranged, hurt by sorrow
A freedom, lost in haste
Left with a dead hope’s morrow

In nature’s symbiotic ways
Remote, unseen to the eye
Our souls twine toe to face
In togetherness, truly we fly

As we exchange our cups of woes
Our lives taste better
We hold to our cup but with force
In His book yet made for each other

With blood in inevitable pain
Our need healed in other’s touch
To hold umbrellas in their rain
Yet we leave them to curse much


2 Comments to “As We Twine”

  1. Interesting poem, Venkat: brings to mind the question ‘Why when together we long to be alone, while when alone we long to be together?’ It is a bipolarity all its own . . . Thanks for stimulating my thoughts . . . Questions are far better than answers, don’t you think?

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