What Is Freedom

by graypoet

Another Friday prompt from Kellie Elmore using a photo as inspiration:

Use the image at the following link as your inspiration. I can’t wait to read the responses to this one! http://1x.com/photo/45546/

I hope everyone will visit her blog and check out all the talented writers.

Today we have so much talk of freedoms
Having the right to do whatever we dream
But is that truly what freedom should be
Are those rights as free as they seem.

For many they are tools to use as needed
To be able to push the laws to the limit
Calling it a freedom so it appears correct
Our forefathers did not intend as spirit.

Freedoms are meant to bring us together
Governed by rules that protect all evenly
What each does so as not to hurt others
Guarded and shared, cherished equally.

Battles have been fought to preserve them
If we bend them and break them selfishly
We might just leave our humanity behind
And watch the death throe of Lady Liberty.



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