Where Life is Only Given

by Venkat


Let your feelings fly
Into a cup’s allure
Cries wet, tears dry
Thorns you endure

Fall free, into an ocean
With your heavy scream
Deep as into a cup’s potion
Let yourself into this dream

A cup of joyous peace
With an infinite edge
To take you as you please
Let the fall be your wedge

To transform your only soul
From an ore to a gemstone
Come in with your hell, whole
Free your spirit, flesh to bone

May this cup of infinite space
Be a bed of heaven’s rose above
To lay emotions bare with grace
Upon deep longing arm of love

As you dream on this rainbow
Nestled on a cup of wonder
Watching waves of peace go
Awaken with a past gone, under

Let me be your love infinite
As the cup of pure heaven
Of white clouds in twilight
Where life is only given

photo: pixabay.com


5 Comments to “Where Life is Only Given”

  1. Beautiful, Venkat . . . You are writing so well . . . Blessings!

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