Our Story

by Peter Notehelfer

Poetry challenge: Free verse.



We are our story

the woven verbs & nouns

of the minutes hours days

years of our lives accumulating

in patterns etched across our faces

here the scar of our humiliation

there the sorry pockmarks

of an endless adolescence

journal of anxiety 


The therapist sits

listens to our tired editing

as in our telling of our tale

we carefully massage nuances

the modifying adverb & adjective

all the while studying our faces

and reading there the truth

like salt rind left behind

in an empty well


We know the story

so well we dream it asleep

awaken out of it trembling

wishing we were some other

but the pages on the nightstand

are ours like the shadow cast

on a wall by a streetlamp

can anyone at all love us

knowing all we are


15 Responses to “Our Story”

  1. Your making up for lost time 🙂

  2. What a beautiful poem and picture. How wonderfully you paint the shadows within our heart.

  3. this is poetry at it’s best – may I have your permission to reblog it?

  4. I am so grateful that even in my sin God loves me.


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