Brain Travel

by graypoet


If you were able to take a trip to the brain
Would you like to see if synapse do snap
Would you walk down their memory path
Look through past images, smile and clap.

I guess the question is, if offered would you
Maybe a chance to know all there is to know
To learn what events moulded their life course
Seeing scars that to others might never show.

You would be able to find all those little facts
Examining what make them who they are today
Standing in the storehouse of all their dreams
You might see words that they could never say.

Would we be proud to let someone walk our mind
Are there rooms we’d rather they never could see
Who know what science may bring in the future
For now I’ll settle for what others share with me.


One Comment to “Brain Travel”

  1. Wow – scary thought for most of us.. Great subject – so unique

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