Seeing Ones Self

by graypoet


I have paused at the mirror and wondered
What image is projected, how am I perceived
Do others accept me in the way that I believe
Do I correctly interpret the looks that I receive.

I know I tend to see the faults that I can feel
Whether they are in my mind, not even real
Too often I will be my own worst critic or foe
Making excuses for things that I only know.

Distractions and pressures seem to fill my day
I experience the desire to give up and run away
Then reality wins out and I try to lift up my chin
Realizing I control whatever destiny I’m now in.

Is the mirror distorted or could it be my own eye
I know it does no good to look behind and ask why
I can only stand up and try to look forward again
Taking care of others, accepting the day I live in.


10 Comments to “Seeing Ones Self”

  1. Great poem! I’m like that too but sometimes you have forget what you think others think of you and concentrate on the positives in yourself. As you have said, most of the time we are our own worst critics x

  2. “accepting the day I live in.” so perfectly true. Very nice piece!

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