My Wait

by Easter Ellen


Collapsed on a hilltop, tired and weary
Darkness envelopes the world, so dreary

Despair raining pellets drowning out hope
Fear bolts erasing ability to cope

Thundering voices of worthlessness boom
Darkness growing as hopelessness looms

Sheer exhaustion in this pain-drenched soul
High on this precipice; emptiness whole

Tears entwine with sorrow of tormenting rain
Drip dripping drops of self-disdain

Rivers rising truth of rueful grief
Cascading helplessly in disbelief

Wait, just wait maybe; hope will break through
Hang on a bit longer; maybe love will ensue

11 Comments to “My Wait”

  1. Easter, it’s Wednesday but Sunday’s coming . . . Some things are good to wait for . . .

  2. Powerful, visual and hopeful! You inject the perfect image of your feelings. Love comes….and wins, always :*

    • Such a wonderful compliment – I am so grateful. It seems I always have to have a happy ending to my poems, no matter how dire they begin. You have inspired me… to reach deeper again rather than frolic only with my words. So many levels of writing, but the vulnerable places always give us the best pieces, I think.

      • So true!!!! A beautiful piece, my Friend. Keep reaching!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy endings are perhaps a reflection of just how positive and optimistic you are…which is a true virtue 🙂

      • My partner always tells me that I wear rose-coloured glasses. It is true in many ways, but life has shown me its share of harshness (as has it yours).
        Life just is not good when I take off the cloak of hope. Without hope and the gift of love, I would not be me. I would be wrapped in a void of darkness.. makes for great poetry, but not such a great life 😉


      • lol!!!!! Spoken all too true! Touché!!!!

      • Glad I made you smile again.
        I am envious as I picture you beside a placid lake, listening to the rippling water singing you a lullaby.

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