Night Oil

by sc0pic

In a churning rolling pool
Of black oil and oil rainbow refractions
Nightmares boil through the fluid
Bile taints the mouth, and the brain becomes sodden
As visions of gruesome violence bubble up
Wax people melt, pavement becomes tar
Shameful fears and desires revealed
On waking, the oil residue lingers
Images photo emulsified on the eye
Until the next sleep

3 Comments to “Night Oil”

  1. So familiar.. perfect images of a nightmare.

    • Thanks. Sometimes they are so believable you just can’t shake it all day.

      • Trust me, I can see that your nightmares are as lucid and vivid as mine. They are truly awful. I posted a poem about nightmares once also. I will go find it in the archives and repost it today or tomorrow.

        I feel for you… nightmares are so awful.. makes you afraid to even go to sleep.

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