Our Age

by Venkat

Age of technology
In my head prehistoric
Grappling with values
Yet unmeasured

A world scaled to terabytes
With tiny bytes of movement
A progress in values as slow
As a snail to the mountain

An era of wireless networks
Yet unable to leverage
Wireless values of love
Care and thoughtfulness

A period of miniaturization
Dwindling thought as much
Murder of written language
Into specks, small as dust

A time made too occupied
By virtual computing in hand
No time to look, eyes glued
Happiness gaping into unreal

With rapid hollering emoticons
Our emotions living on screen
A smile no longer on heart
Yet wide, yellowed in text

Where have gone traditions
Drowned in tapping keyboards
Human nature incorrigible
Unchanging yet misunderstood

2 Comments to “Our Age”

  1. Ah this strikes a chord but isn’t it just wonderful that I can keep in touch with my children in far corners of the earth instantly x

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