I’ll Be Going Now

by Heather's Starting End


If I retreat from this world for a little while
Would you miss my face,
My attempted smile?

I’m not sure where to go,
Not sure where I’ll hide
Like the evening sunshine
entwined in dusks stride

I struggle to stay up
In the sky
A force pulls me down
To let time pass by

It is winter now
My bones are so cold
The chill has shifted
Casts over my soul

My inner twilight strives to survive
Wants absence from life
To keep me alive

I’ll be going now for a little while
I promise to come back soon
So don’t be sad
As I walk away
I need to escape my gloom

I’ll go gather strength
To rise once more
To come back and shine
In life with allure



6 Comments to “I’ll Be Going Now”

  1. very kewl one heather !… keepa flyin’ High is all i can say !

  2. Yes, Heather, I would miss your face . . . And you melancholic voice . . .
    Blessings . . .

  3. Beautiful – I know that feeling!

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