“Dear Child”

by Heather's Starting End


Dear Child, don’t fret
Your days are not short
You have all the time in the world

Don’t run to be where I am now
For wisdom you think I hold

I would crawl backwards
If I could
For the innocence in your eyes
To see the world again
Nary a face with disguise

Dear Child of mine
Enjoy your stay
Harvest all days you have

Treasure this moment
This time of your life
Of purity unscathed

If I spoke with wisdom of my years
Then you would be told
I’d give all, right here
Right now
To see life with your soul






4 Comments to ““Dear Child””

  1. Beautiful poem, Heather . . . Thank you!
    Blessings . . .

  2. Do you ever read someone’s poetry and wish you had written it yourself? This would be one of those!
    Beautiful!!!! 🙂

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