by Ina

An apostrophe is all that stands between
the me and life, reality and verb,
a little dot and tail, both so superb,
connecting me to being, that I’ve been.

Perhaps another punctuation mark
would be a much worse chaperone for me,
as I am troubled by the verb ‘to be’
that chases me in daylight and in dark.

Attached so well, it’s almost making one,
the ‘I’ and ‘am’, the I’m to be the me,
a syllable where once we had the two.

My life does know by now of how it’s done,
just make a little dot, a tail and see:
I am connected to the word to be.

2 Comments to “Apostrophe”

  1. Ina, were it not for where we place those diacritical marks in our poems our songs would be very different indeed . . .
    Blessings . . . And thanks for the reminder . . .

  2. Hi Peter, thank you! 🙂

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