Touched By Real

by aquietwalk


He smiled and the world listened

if only for a moment

when everyone else seemed driven and lost.

On a spring morning

He appeared around the corner and changed my direction,

I was suddenly moved by you.

Your spirit, your energy, your passion

Your beautiful grin

rather simply shouted

‘I’m awesome’


We need to talk about moments like this

When surfing the hallways

Wondering what faces we’ll meet

Circling the corners

Weaving through bodies

Noticing only backpacks and bad mullets

Rather than human expression

The eyes that bear our souls,

Safely tucked away

‘I’m scared’


They said he was a nice young man.

Wherever he went actually

people laughed and praised

his actions, moral fiber, self-guided discipline.

Always happy,

content toward anyone that met

him in a moment, one of those times

we always wonder just how we react

to the reality around us.

‘I’m nervous’


She would wonder where her

friends were

while waiting with well meant


until the last bus left the station.

Then she might wish there were

other bodies around

so her soul wouldn’t feel so naked

in the cold winds of mourning.

‘I’m alone’


Shine and ravish when the moment allows true elegance

Splendor’s human love holds our heart in the spring rains

© Thom Amundsen 2014

2 Comments to “Touched By Real”

  1. A very kind poem of awareness. Lovely work.

  2. I Love the progression of emotion in this. So many times this happens and its so sad. Beautifully Expressed!

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