How Smart Are We

by graypoet

questions of life

Thinking of the questions we daily face
I find that my mind often starts to race
What do I know compared to others around
Are my thoughts clear, are they sound.

When we’re babies, we don’t have much need
Cloth me, love me, let me sleep when I feed
As young children we begin inquisitive years
When, why, wanting new toys are our daily fears.

As teens we start testing how much we know
We’re grown, self-assured and let it show
Often suggestions the offered we don’t take
Trusting in our self, we make our own mistake.

As adults we start to see our parents wisdom
Realizing we are very like those we came from
Hopefully we get to let them know that we learned
That love was accepted, their respect was earned.

As the years go by faster I again begin to see
That there are many things still not clear to me
Whether a child or adult, single, husband or wife
There is still much I don’t know about my own life.

I have to be content with things that I can control
That excessive or foolish worry will just take a toll
Try to be happy with the person that I’ve become today
Live as I believe I should, no matter what others say.


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