Everything is Dandy for the Dandelion

by tjtherien

Poetry challenge: Free verse.


During my residency in this abominable life
I have known the gruesome and the beautiful,
I have known the thrall of the flawless embrace…breathtaking
As I have known the sorrowful swell of heart cleaved from chest
I have known a precious few worthy and winsome people
And I am thankful for having known them
Because they have taught me the tangible lesson
That I contemplate in my solitude
Amid the myriad of superfluous and discombobulated thought
Scrumptious morsels of truth for the peckish mind grown plump on falsehood
I abandon the gospel of the pompous and the eminent
And the absurd squabble over what is right
What is proper about this world I have come to loath,

This world, the enormity of the weight I bare upon my shoulders
The infliction we cause with the lousy way we treat each other,
The audacity of believing we have evolved beyond ape
Balderdash, we are mimics, monkey see monkey do
Or to describe more accurately the hullaballoo
The efficacy of keeping up with the Jones’
But I would be neglect were I to omit
That despite it all life can be lovely,
Rest secure regardless of what anyone may say
Close your sleepy eyes and dance though the delightful realm of dream
Where color bleeds resplendent and moonbeams shine against lidded screens
Mayhap tomorrow you will realize you are unique
And that will provide you with the divine dictate and purpose you need
And that will give you the gumption to get through another day
It’s hard, I know, to be enthralled when the past is a tangled jungle
And the future cannot be seen because of the present,
But deceive not the eye fetching beauty
Because it is there if you look hard enough
Now skedaddle
I am old and I am tired

6 Responses to “Everything is Dandy for the Dandelion”

  1. That is some poem, you must have been working on it for days 🙂

  2. Continue living in the NOW TJ, it really is a happy place.


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