Commute: Free Verse Challenge

by Devina

Poetry challenge: Free verse.


You see me on the train

Usually your gaze passed over me like a light drizzle

You noticed me, today’s eye of the storm

An innocuous fixture

In your dream-scape of blurry reality

You focus on me (dunno why, not that special)

On my sand brown skin and longish chestnut hair

Your eyes probe my prone form

I grow nervous, but I stare right back

I’m too tired to care this second, ginger boy

What do you see,

How sharp is the harpoon of your gaze,

Will it pin my soul in place, at your mercy?

You seem kind enough, black depth-less  eyes glisten with curiosity

You might have been shy once, what makes you so bold now

Stranger mine, that you brazenly attempt to read me

I am a lightly scarred tip-toer, resting from a run

A dog-eared collection of pages

I read too late in to the night and Riptide is on repeat in my head

Does this patch-up and bedraggled girl appeal to you?

I’m told there are stars in my eyes

They say they obscure my sight on the real

Do I look like I care?

You smile and I think you know

This is the beginning of a routine,

Ours’ a story narrated by the eyes

That behold each other

Not word uttered

A moment shared

Time reboots

The train halts with hydraulic grace

Our fingers briefly brush

Electricity in the hesitantly deliberate touch

We breath a farewell

Tomorrow’s commute is an anticipated blush

© Devina S.


7 Responses to “Commute: Free Verse Challenge”

  1. My favorite part: “Our fingers briefly brush…Electricity in the hesitantly deliberate touch” . A great description.


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