Visiting Trauma – Free verse Challenge

by thom amundsen

Poetry challenge: Free verse.


Why choose to return?

When life allows our world to blossom a fresh new morning

how is it our minds always ask for …

Resolutions are so over-rated,

for when we do finally get the answers to all of our

pressing questions

are we really that satisfied?

Don’t we cry for more?

Maybe not publicly

but when is the last time you took care of business

and didn’t think what if …

Years later.

Maybe that is the simple solution

we are always going to wonder.

And the beauty of speculation

creates the moments we rise above our trauma.

And the beauty of delight

allows our lives to decide upon different paths,

trails that tracking seemed unreachable;

The reckoning drives us further,

helps the seeking to be granted confidence

to restore ideals that once might have stifled

forward thinking.

Love the world quiet souls are living dreams in today

While tomorrow’s cadence hasn’t yet a grasp on your day.


© Thom Amundsen 2014

3 Responses to “Visiting Trauma – Free verse Challenge”

  1. The mind is a wonderful machine.


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