by Bastet


Water on the road one day
A mirror on the wall
Bring to mind reflections
Of things I left behind.

Countries seen, houses changed
People known, then I moved away …
Pastimes I thought I’d always do,
Now just things I left behind.

Happy smiles, and joyous laugh,
Lonely tears for things now past
Emotions and some longing too
For things I left behind.

And then there was you
Your loving heart and promises …
But you too were gone, you moved on
More things I left behind.

A baby cried seeing the light
Oh so very long ago
He came bravely into the world
Now a part of  things I left behind.

The past is gone, and won’t return
Yet memories remain to keep me company
They’re not reality, only wisps of thought
Just things I left behind.


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