On A Rainy Day

by Venkat


Poetry Challenge:Free Verse

A small story…

As the silver drops roared
In sudden unison
Upon green bushes outside
Wetting hard, my window sill

As the whiff of earth
Enveloped me intense
Into the rain’s sharp fall
My heart tapped in rhythm

As I inched closer
To my dark room window
Lean out to see the world
My delight broke all bounds

All in sweet pink
Lay a quiet snail
In motionless prayer
Meditating as a hermit

In calm composure
Lighting my curious mind
To observe the silence
Amidst thunder, shower

The snail became a song
Strumming notes of silence
Into an emptiness within
Frozen deep for words

Lulled into a meaning
As I laid back in thought
Staring hard at the walls
I heard the rain drops die

I tip-toed back to my window
There was no snail anymore
It arrived as a magic angel
Left behind a silence, mystical


3 Responses to “On A Rainy Day”

  1. the silver drops roared …
    what a way to say it: perfect!


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