The Boy and the Old Ocean

by sc0pic



The trust I had in you,
Was a stranger to your pull
In your sparkling waves
Your will so powerful

Through countless years of life
And death
A world unto your own inside
How much life you’ve taken,
How much life you provide

And through the mist, I was mystified

You identified me as I was:
Eagerly jumping from the sand
A young and foreign boy
You would carry him in your hand

Hunger must have led you,
To decide
I was expendable, your feed
Perhaps just a toy you picked up
To wrap and trap in seaweed

You bent light and land to trick
My eyes
Deceived by your clever ruse
I followed further out
Your guise
How could I refuse?

And in your midst, I was mystified

The waves crashed overhead
To press
My head beneath your skin
As your strong arms wrapped around
My chest
And tried to swallow me within

Doubt had its time, as did
The fear
As my toes reached out for sand
I admonish my heart and made the mind
And you betrayed this wild-eyed boy from land

No help did you offer
No consolation
No rest for the struggling child
No hesitation
So I learned to fight that day
The day you sentenced me to die
So I became a man that day
Learned what it means to try
And when I overcame you,
Fought my way back to the shore
I started a new life
And believe in you no more

Original photo by sc0pic


7 Comments to “The Boy and the Old Ocean”

  1. I was raised on the Atlantic and flashed back to the day the undertow almost got me as a small child. This was brilliantly written<!!!!!!!

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