Suitable Beauty

by Morgan

Suitable Beauty
Span the Night with Singing Stars

Sweeping their Melody through the Smitten Sky;

Caress the Edge of Night with the Glimmer of Dawn,

Aching to Touch his Distant Lover

Who Sails the Velveteen Nighttide

Upon her Celestial Galleon, Fair;

Play a Symphony of Sound and Silence

Through All of Nature,

Ever Loving Thee,

And my Love Shall Finally Have Expression,

Filled with Suitable Beauty to Extol Thee,

Painted with Apt Hues and Shades of Adoration,

Serenading the Heavens with the Smallest Portion

Of My Love.
Beautiful Photograph found at : thestarsarelimitless.tumblr

2 Comments to “Suitable Beauty”

  1. Beautiful imagery you’ve projected. Beautiful 🙂

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