Those Wars

by Venkat

Never realized one could look at two spirits in mind as warring forever!

Poetry Challenge: Free Verse

In the war
Between good and bad
Spirits within mind
The good becomes smaller
Not by shrinking
But by expansion of the bad

In the war
Between pure and impure
Spirits within mind
The pure becomes maligned
Not by its waywardness
But by company with the impure

In the war
Between right and wrong
Spirits within mind
The right becomes wrong
Not by its misdeed
But by giving space to wrong

In the war
Between positive and negative
Spirits within mind
The positive loses grip
Not by leaving its control
But by being distracted by negative

In these wars
More often than not
We cannot live without the two spirits
Warring within mind

3 Responses to “Those Wars”

  1. Well done, Venkat: it is the tension between the polarities that keeps us from falling into the abyss . . . like the resistance offered the swimmer by the water which allows him to both float and move forward . . . Thanks for making me think about things I’m not inclined to think about . . .


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