The Mind

by Venkat

Poetry Challenge: Free Verse

The mind
Is best defined
As a God sent child
Best when left by itself
Make no demands
Have no rules

The mind
Is self refined
If one cares enough
To keep away cravings
Emptying impurities
From its nectar
Born pure

The mind
Is built best
You need not add
No worry to self control
Its very essence is
To remain so

The mind
By own nature
Of material strong
Made of matter fearless
Cells full of peace
Ego’s pleasure
Brings war

The mind
Hold with care
An unfelt diamond
Protect from evil dusts
Polished by birth
By His hands
On Earth

In honor of Peter’s diamond form!


4 Responses to “The Mind”

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could protect and preserve the childlike innocence in the mind of our children and grandchildren. Sadly the cares of the world cause too many to suffer and unbalance the mind x

  2. Thank you Venkat for another fine poem! And for the ‘nod’ to the form . . . However, you know it is not mine to keep, but only to share . . . Blessings . . . And Namaste!


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