The Night of Waiting

by Venkat

Along the bank of a river
Holding love by the arm
By dusk in cold shiver
As night settled on the farm

Feeling her thoughts linger
Under the dark skyline
Impatience upon her finger
Waiting for stars to shine

Slipping into an emptiness
A wait too long for her lover
Touching a past with fondness
Smell in hand of a rose flower

With bated breath inside
A darkness fell within
Missing a warmth beside
The river sound reached a din

As time moved on above
Cover of clouds upon stars
A lone moon reflecting her love
Hoping it would not turn a farce

Chillness caressed her hand
Moments drowning into impatience
She began to feel the river sand
Lost for words in her conscience

In the flight of her slow moment
He never came on that night
Crushed into sobs of torment
She held on to the moon, tight

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