Love in Equinox

by maiasong

In quiescent solitude I feel you walk into my dreams.

You with a love so perfect, always steadfast even during the darkness, when you carried our love so burnt and black.

White hot flames bright against the changing sky, and all we could foresee were charred patches and cloud shadows intertwined and bound by the smoke of sacrifice, a ring containing our wildfire of emotions, wondering if the ground beneath would ever be fertile again.

With blessed assurance your weathered hand closes over mine as through the smoldering ashes we struggle, inhaling the burn of days past, those that now seem so distant, so far beyond the horizon holding back the dawn.

Somewhere between prudence and madness the Angel of Wisdom lights on my shoulder.

Pausing in peaceful submission, we watch two young hares stare in wonder at the rising Full Crow Moon reflecting the sun, warming the shadows, nourishing the scorch.

Together in awe we rise, cleansed in the ambient glow of a new season, listening for the return of the Nightingale’s song carrying a promise

Our love will grow again.

pjw march 2014

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