Evolution by Acceptance

by Venkat

Does not seem poetic. Hope Harry accepts this post 🙂

A wisdom found
Among stripes of three
Of captivating evolution
Yet made on same skin
Strike deep chords of thought

Doubting the very existence
Questioning by ‘why’

Judging the kind of existence
Concluding by ‘what’
No longer captured
By reasons of existence
Having accepted them

Finding the ways things exist
Observing by ‘how’
No longer interested
On rigid characteristics
Having accepted them

Accepted that all possess
The same blood, sweat and tear

Three echelons, spiritual
Of growth in life
Steps of maturation
Three turning points

Moments evolve
Colored by shades
Of light beaming through
As rivers, merge
Into the same ocean

An ocean of acceptance


3 Comments to “Evolution by Acceptance”

  1. I don’t know about Harry, but I think Plato would like it . . .

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