A Day Like Today

by sc0pic

I remember when
The field was cleared
A subdivision expansion

Where destruction and construction met
Fields of mud and rock
Unsupervised machinery

It was a day like today

The sun shone down
On the laborers and carpenters
And then the whistle blew

We took their places
And explored their man-made landscape
Unsupervised youth

It was a day like today

We climbed and hopped
And risked our lives
In the hardhat zone

Just as new and wild
As the deserts and mountains
We only saw in film

It was a day like today

We found treasure, skulls, and arrow heads
Clay pots from ancient times
Mysterious scrolls of hidden truths

The sun began to set
Garage doors soon would rise
As would the fear

It was a day like today

So off we ran to hide new truths
To finish homework
And last minute chores

To clean the mud
From our shoes and nails
And reconstruct a façade

It was a day like today
When we were solving mysteries
When we were Dough boys in the trenches
When we were cavemen making spears
When we were Olympians jumping crevasses
When we were astronauts on the moon

2 Comments to “A Day Like Today”

  1. Excellent! I can so relate from my own childhood and the neighborhood expansion…. what a world of intrigue!

    • Thank you! I think the fact that we weren’t supposed to be there added to the sense of adventure. Glad you enjoyed it.

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