First Love (Part II)

by Emily Page

A chilly autumn, winter apart. Our paths crossed once or twice.
You ignored me, acted just as bad, it really wasn’t very nice.

School trip to Paris, City of Love. No place to be alone.
Wanted to share its lights with you, not to be there on my own.

Then, a Spring Time Ball was had, I sold you tickets too.
I wanted you to come along, find out your feelings true.

Our pride and insecurity that night kept us apart,
And needing you, I kissed a boy, but not the one I held here in my heart.

More weeks did pass, then school exams. The sun shone warm again.
A train platform, your friendly voice, your smile, to heal my pain.

I felt it then, so forcefully, the light you shone on me
You really did speak to my heart, it sang so joyfully.

Another call from you, this time, my heart it could not doubt
The way you felt about me too, it made me whoop and shout.

With holidays and weeks away, there were no dates to make,
But three phone calls from you alone, were the cherries on my cake.

Then finally we watched a film, the chemistry such bliss.
I let myself start hoping that this would end with a kiss.

We took every opportunity to reconnect, to touch.
Your arms they held me upright – I don’t think I breathed that much!

But still no kiss. Was I amiss? Had I read this one all wrong?
Revenge, it wasn’t quite your style. So why make me wait so long?

The very next day, you called again. Well, then I knew for sure,
Our feelings could not be so at odds, as to skate we went once more.

A heart-to-heart, you told me then how hurt you’d been before.
And to fall on my knee was all it took to see you cared some more.

So homeward bound, you held me. Your arms around so tight.
They did not want to let me go but still you were polite.

Our first kiss gentle, warm and chaste, it told me you were mine.
Me, impatient for the other ways you might show me over time.

The wait it was excruciating, my very soul did ache,
But when at last you found me, a most passionate love we’d make.

And then your arms were round me, your gentle mouth on mine.
Later as we kissed goodbye, you drank me in like wine.

My body knew it needed you. It answered to your call.
I cannot begin to explain why you did so me enthrall.

Why was it that I loved you so? It isn’t hard to say.
I’ve cherished every thought of you. I still do so every day.

We shared our thoughts, but held some back. What were we so afraid of?
Was it that the other one might not feel the same love?

A second time the end was near. The augurs then were worse.
I could not control my tongue, it seems. My weakness was my curse.

And so we’re done, how can it be? Did I even know we’d started?
A victim of my choices, I’m forever left here, broken hearted.

But I cherish all our memories. Those unique to you and me.
They’ll be with me ’til I leave this world. Making me who I’m going to be.

© Emily Page


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