Behind the Oak Tree

by Morgan


Behind the Oak tree
Where None Can See
Live the Pixies,
One, Two Three.

You Cannot See Them
They Hide until Night,
Then They Emerge
To Dance in Moonlight.

Behind the Oak Tree
As you Blithely Walk By,
Pixies are Hiding,
Pause and hear their Soft Sigh.

One Pixie, Two Pixie,
Flitting on the Wing,
Behind the Old Oak Tree
Listen as they Sing!

Ladders lead up
Stairwell lead down
Though it Matters little,
As they Fly all Around!

Behind the Oak Tree
Where None Dare Look
Live the Pixies,
Like in a Fairytale Book.

Beautiful Image found on Facebook at:  Fairies Dragons And Other Mythological Creatures

7 Comments to “Behind the Oak Tree”

  1. Thanks, Morgan, for the magical verse! You have the imagination of a child . . .

  2. How perfectly charming! It is, as Peter says, magical.

  3. Oh love love love! Impart magic and there you find the seeds of imagination 🙂

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