Poetry challenge: Rispetto.

by Harry

This challenge is to write a Rispetto poem.

A Rispetto an Italian form which is a complete poem of two rhyming quatrains, abab ccdd.

Good luck with the challenge and i hope everyone takes part.


Tribute to Tuscany

In old Tuscany, this form of poetry
To stimulate the imagination’s muse,
Has been passed down through every century,
To all writers whom the written words enthuse.

Even yet today, some vineyard covered hill,
Hung with clustered grapes, romantic souls instill
With a deep desire to try their hand once more
And resurrect a page from history’s lore!

Copyright © 2006 Betty Lou Hebert




Joseph A. Hazzouri



6 Responses to “Poetry challenge: Rispetto.”

  1. I will try to write for Rispetto poem. if I may
    Words chosen, must rhyme and say
    The thought and feelings in heart or mind
    Some are new others we rewind


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