Happiness : Tailor-made

by Venkat


An animated painting
Of the world
We wish to see
A happiness
Tailor-made for us
A colored love
To fill our heart
Someone to carry us
Into heaven

A paradise
Built from dreams
Until the dreamy eye
Wakes up aloud
Pierced by thorns
Of reality
Stung by a scorpion
Called life
Crashing us back
To the ground

The painting of colors
Rosy yet illusory
A sketch scripted
By our craving mind
Aghast now
Left with a paper
White as the moon
Back to a time
As a new born
God’s original gift
Dropped in the palm
With unheard words
Unseen strengths
A prophecy

“White paper mine, maybe
Yet meant
For your hand
With your colors
By your strokes
As your own baby
To make a world
Tailored for you”


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