The Price of Silence


I promise

I will keep quiet

No one will ever hear

About the cobwebs and lies 

All the closets

Will be nailed shut

No skeletons in sight

No one will ever know

The mirrors will never show

How pretty little bows

 Turned into murderous ropes

Tightening the screws

Marking the bruises

My soul erodes

They will never learn

Of fresh horrors 

That scream behind

Bolted closed doors

Frightful speeches

Held new hostages

Coercing obedience

Take back your poison

 Unveil the treason

Cease your assaults

For I’ll slay your claws

Rescind your puppets

Or I’ll choke their trumpets

Look what you’ve made me do

Return the peace

You’ve robbed from me

Leave me

My dignity

My sanity

And the remains

Of my shattered bliss

You’re no longer my destiny


Grant me, MY FREEDOM

When this is all over

You won’t even notice

I was ever here

My name, my face

Shall be ERASED

From ALL database 


Your love

Was my disease





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