The Other Woman

by Emily Page

Is she hurt and confused?
Does she see what is there?
Unspoken words in the air
Between us?

Does she know, of our past?
Does she care that you have
Feelings not just for her
But for me?

We are friends, nothing more
Neither one of us would
Change this friendship
Into an affair.

But I wonder inside
If she feels insecure,
If she hides it alone
Out of pride.

© Emily Page


2 Comments to “The Other Woman”

  1. I love the questions posed in this. I think with friendships like this which may have possibilities of bordering on a relationship, it is often much better that they are left as friendships (albeit difficult) for fear of losing what we already have, which so often seems to happen. This subject has always fawcinated me, how a relationship can change when brought to the fruition of an affair; there is so much more pressure, so many more expectations of each other. So eay o fall in love but so easy to lose what is already there. 😊 a bit longwinded! Sorry 😊

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