Lips to Air

by sc0pic

Language falling, lilting, tilting
Language dripping
From the teeth

Language hunting, language courting
Language waiting
Have a seat

Words disguised, described as something
Words disguised
A wolf in mask

Language grunting, barking, howling
Language groaning
Growing fast

Let’s draw pictures, manganese oxide
Charcoal, blood
Upon the rocks

Language logs identity now
Language tools
And shoes and socks

Machines that whir and bang and fly
Words of lust
And war, and pain

Words that tell us, storm is coming
Words that warn us
Of the rain

Je ne parle pas, Your words they scare me
Ich spreche kein
Waters and sand

Contemplate a self, a name
Mi nombre es
Sounds from my land

Contemplate a life in passing
A value startling
Torment and toil

Words defined rules of possession
Words defined
Lines in the soil

A rolling tongue, diphthongs and spittle
Tomes of tone
and tempo bold

Parchment scrolls of laws and science
Faiths and tales
and legends told

Another second, another word
Cultures rich
and vast with might

Manifest a prophecy
Conquer worlds
Set them right

But lips to air, language flowing
Air not to ear,
but to the wind

Matched with meaning though stranger sounding
The sword to cure
The voice within

Words of science, integration,
Life in speed

Words created, meanings altered
Locked indoors
Words morphed our needs

Half a million years of language
Look right at me
Know my name

Rage born of misunderstanding
Look at me…
We are the same


2 Comments to “Lips to Air”

  1. awesome poem! love the topic and the metric gets really flowing to the end 😀

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