First Love (Part I)

by Emily Page

My memory of those lingering looks across the darkened floor.
I wondered if you felt it too, it left me wanting more.

First I called you on the phone, I asked you out to see.
My sweet sixteen, you came with friends, but all evening spent with me!

We met again on that dance floor, no invite yet to dance.
Another likes you too it seems, can we really have a chance?

Then you called me, one August night, and asked me on a date,
But how could I be certain that you wouldn’t rather just be mates?

You took me to watch a comedy, you were really rather sweet.
Leaning close there in the dark, we generate some heat!

But that was all, no holding hands, or walking home that night.
What happened there, once off the train? Did we both just take a fright?

We both walked home alone, an inadequate goodbye.
If it hadn’t left me so confused, I really could have cried.

Then I took matters in my hands, I called you up to see
If you would like to go ice skate with some other pals and me?

We skated round together hardly noticing our friends,
Then later, you walked me home. Alone, as if to make amends.

Then Cupid shot his bow at me, my peace disturbed it seems.
The times we shared, my hopes for more, you lingered in my dreams.

And so that summer rushed along and all too quick for me,
Our last date of the holidays, now I’d just have to wait and see.

Our times alone made you my friend, but nothing more it seemed.
So would we have the staying power to make this all I’d ever dreamed?

I couldn’t hold my tongue though. I asked you to be clear,
Then thought I’d made you tell me ‘Yes’, and felt the hand of fear.

So insecure, I wanted you to make it clear to me,
The way I made you feel was just the same as you did me.

We spoke again, the chance was yours to tell me how you feel,
But you couldn’t find the words to say, and I felt like such a heel.

I’d let you down, the sadness in your eyes betrayed your heart.
I asked again. It all felt wrong. Had I known this from the start?

© Emily Page


One Comment to “First Love (Part I)”

  1. Beautiful Emily, brings back memories from 50 years ago going to the dance walking a girl home, and now she’s my wife 🙂

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